How to know the fullscreen modes that are available?

I just used this string in my main.cpp

ofSetupOpenGL(320,240, OF_GAME_MODE);

When I ran the project, I got a message saying:

OF_ERROR: game mode error: selected format (320x240:32@60) not available

but… then the project ran at my screen’s native 1920x1200 resolution, with part of the project’s visual stuff being upscaled from 320x240 to 1920x1200 and the other text stuff appearing very small as if 1920x1200. Anyways:

How can I determine which OF Game Modes I do have available?
What happened to my project?
Is it posible to work at 320x240 and the upscale to any other available resolution?
I ask because it was really fast!

thanks in advanced :smiley:

GAME_MODE, sets your screen at that resolution so any format that your screen/graphics card supports will be supported by GAME_MODE, look in your system preferences to know which formats are supported, but usually the lowest is 640x480.

Will do.

But then, is it posible to upscale a project from any lower resolution?

I remember old games like quake used to have very low resolutions. I’m just curious about upscaling oF.

I’d like to bump the topic, since I would like to know why openF or GLUT chose to let me render at 320x240 and then upscaled.

It would be very usefull for me to work at low resolutions such as this, so I would like to force it sometimes but without errors and the stuff I got.