How to install openFrameworks on Windows for Eclipse


I would like to install openFrameworks for use with Eclipse on a Windows 7 PC.

To that end I found the following web page:

which states that “This howto is based in the Windows version

It then instructs people to do the following:
The Eclipse version of Openframeworks is packaged as an Eclipse workspace. In order to use it, just uncompress the zip file and open the apps directory as a workspace in Eclipse from File > Switch workspace.

What Eclipse version of openFrameworks is this person talking about? The only Eclipse related zip I can find on the download page is for Linux and OSX.

My questions are:
a) Is this tutorial just plain wrong about there being a version of openFrameworks for Eclipse on Windows?

b) Assuming that the answer to (a) is that the tutorial is right, where can I find the version of openFrameworks for Eclipse on Windows since no link is provided and it is not on the downloads page?

c) Assuming that the answer to (a) is yes - the tutorial is wrong, does someone have a source for instructions for getting OF to work with Eclipse on Windows? I’ve googled but only come up with hits for Linux platforms.

Thanks for any help.



I think this tutorial is a little outdated and there is no “official” eclipse workspace for OF on windows. (actually also not for linux)

What tutorials for linux did you find? If it’s an older one that is not yet using makefiles, I think aside from different paths and .dll files instead of .a files. linux and windows might be rather similar to set up?


Thanks - I was guessing that there was nothing for Windows/Eclipse based on not finding any such download on the downloads page. The OF Eclipse tutorial really should be removed from the OF web site since it is just plain wrong.

Didn’t keep the links for what I found via Google as I had no luck finding anything about how to set up OF for Eclipse on Windows.

i think that eclipse for linux instructions could be a good start point because eclipse is quite cross platform… it uses makefiles, and istead g++ you can use a compiler for windows… what kind of problem are you troubling with?

by the way, i think that another choice could be using some tutorial of+android because android sdk is based on eclipse… you should have a look maybe?

Not a problem - just looking for a package and a set of instructions for OF for Eclipse just like what is provided for Code::Blocks and Visual Studio.