How to install OFbook?

Hallo everyone, I wanna have a look ofbook .but there are some Dependencies required.
such pandoc , python 2.7+, beauitful soup 4
It is hard to using those depencies and install . I never experienced with this. I already have a look tutorial pandoc ( almost did not get it ) and search info on internet with a few info which I don’t understand ti. I could not find clear answer to which step is first come and where to install. even install is not easy for me .Anyone help to get through this ?
Thanks in Advance.

what platform are you on? Did you see the instructions in the readme? (please note that this is still a work in progress). Also, feel free to make an issue on the book github repo if you feel that the readme is not clear.

The easy way to get most of those dependencies is to just install Anaconda python:

After installing, reboot. Then open either Terminal or PowerShell and type:

pip install beautifulsoup4

etc… until the dependencies are installed. Many of them may install with Anaconda by default.