how to install maximillian addon?

I downloaded Maximilian ( and am trying to get the examples to compile (I’m on a Mac using Xcode). I downloaded the ofxMaximWithExamples folder and placed it in my main oF addons folder. When I load one of the example .xcodeproj files and try to build, I get tons of errors. These are because it can’t find the files that reside in ofxMaximWithExamples/libs. So, the first error is that it can’t find the include file ofxMaxim.h.

So I’m sure I’m supposed to somehow tell Xcode where to look for these files, or maybe I need to manually copy these somewhere else? What do I need to do?


why don’t you ask in the Maximilian thread?—some-c+±objects-for-dsp-and-synthesis./3416/45

I posted here thinking that this might be a general question about the installation of addons, not something specific to maximilian. If that’s the best place to ask I can do that.

Maybe someone can just confirm for me what is typical: with an addon do you usually just need to drop the downloaded folder into the addons directory, or is there some file manipulation beyond that that is typical? e.g. do I need to move library files, header files, etc.?

typically you drop it into the addons directory. sometimes, you move the example folder which comes with it to apps/addonsExamples.

Hi mixwhit,

I am very new at this, and I found the same issue as you, but with another library. Did you get with the solution?