How to install LPMT on ubuntu?


Hello World! Happy new year!

I don’t find documentations to install lpmt on OF.
Is there a kind soul to help me ?

Thx and greetings from France !


Okay i’ve found the solution.


Hi @zanart1984 could you share your solution for people that google this and find your post?


Hi !
In reality i havn’t resolved problems, the game is over yet !
Sorry i’ve given to you a dream…

It’s difficult of course. and you ? Did you found a solution?

All the best …


I need help !


I have a working fork or re-write of LPMT here:

I’ve included the most troublesome addons in the source folder as well to make it more self-contained, the rest you can add as regular addons.

Currently Linux only but I’ve got it working on OSX but haven’t pushed the XCode project yet.

It’s built for 0.9.8 and I’ve had to apply the patch here to get Fullscreen mode working with good performance: