How to install and configure openframes with visual studio code

visual studio is too large, so can you install and configure it through visual studio code?
If so, what do you do?
If not, I hope you can tell me “this is impossible”

What OS are you using if you are under OSX or Linux you can uses this follow does steps and it will work, there is also this thread

(vscode(Visual Studio Code) + oF)
i think they have some fix for VSC template with the project manager but haven’t try it
good luck

You can choose the VSCode template in the project generator, it works fine. On Mac at least having that and the command line tools installed (and not having Xcode) works without any issues in compiling.

Now I use vscode to open and try debugging.

Report errors.

I think this may be because my basic knowledge is not solid enough.

However, I did not find the answer through browser search.

And, because of the country’s policies, my area can’t use YouTube (which is really distressing).

So, can you help me?


Some translations:
错误 = = error
请更新 = = Please update

The system I use is win10.
So, the OSX or Linux approach may not help me much …