How to input a user's drawing

Hello community,
I need a tutorial on how to scan a physical child’s drawing (e.g: a fish) and put it inside a virtual wirld/simulation.
I have done some googling and in this forum but with no lead.
Can you help me please?
Thanks :slight_smile:

I would suggest you to divide your project in two part while developing:

1)Prepare your world simulation, start it in 2D, do not try 3D at first. Draw a rectangle and move it like a fish. This part will take you a while. You have to think to an ambientation, how to move the fish in a way that it looks natural. Then apply an image to the rectangle. You will have probably to flip the image when the fish change direction, from going left to going right. Start with one fish. When you get it right, have a look at “autonomous agent” (here a nice tutorial that you can apply to openFrameworks ), and try to work with the movement of more fishes.

2)The second part is the scanning of the fish. You will have to use ofxCV for this. It is an addon that wraps openCV. This addon will allow you to scan the drawings of the fishes.

Once this 2 parts are done, you have to apply the texture of your scanned fish to the rectangle you’ve did in part 1. Do not think to finish this project in one weekend, getting ofxCV, getting the right movement of the fish and an ambientation that makes sense takes time. But with patience it is absolutely a feasible project, and a nice idea too :wink:

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Thanks for your valuable help. Can you suggest to me some tutorials?
Thank you a lot :slight_smile:

There is not a tutorial that explain you how to do your project from the beginning to the end.
For point 1, You already have one.
For point 2, you have to learn ofxCV a bit, in the examples folder there is something, you have to google them, i do not have any links to share.

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