how to include properly afxwin.h to a VS project


I would like to use some functionalities of MFC windows, such as Screen Capture for windows but I can’t not use the libs becaouse Core OF already use part of them.

Just some info: I want to use GetWindowDC…that requires afxwin. this lib call itselft windows.h and windows.h is already included at some parts of the core…

I’ve read also I should change the project using MFC as not standar windows libraries but then doesn’t compile the project, this give me liking errors such as

“class std::allocator >::operator=(class std::basic_string… as already defined in main.obj”

Can I do something for get access to use afxwin.h ? Any suggestion?

remove "include “ofmain.h” in main.cpp

add “afx…” at the first line