How to include addons to existing Android Studio OF project?

Hi, I could successfully compile and run androidEmptyExample project on Android Studio yesterday.

And now I’m trying to include an addon(e.g. ofxPd) on top of the empty project.
Since I just started out using Android Studio, I don’t know how to add Header Search Paths or C flags in Android Studio.

I’ve been googling for a few hours to figure it out but still couldn’t find a useful easy-to-understand information.

I would really appreciate if someone can share the basic process to include addons to Android Studio project. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

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I may be mistaken, as I am currently trying to get an addon to work on Android, and having linking problems, but I think the intended method is an on other platforms:

  • Find and run the projectGenerator executable for the platform you are developing on.
  • Specify your (existing) project name and path and select all of the Addons you want to use for the existing project.
  • Press the import button.
  • The import button will result in a dialog to specify the existing project folder.
  • The Generate button will change to say Update. Press it.

Then go load the project in Android Studio. (projectGenerator offered a button to load it in the IDE, but the Android Studio version failed for me, but it is possible to load it manually in Android Studio.)

Just put the addon in the the addon folder, and in the make file addons.make and add the headers in ofApp.h

addons.make is just a text file with the names of addons in it, yes?

Is that all that projectGenerator does when you update a project and change its addons?

When you compile the addon.make file include the addons.
Yes is just a txtfile.