How to I add Libraries in QT-Creator for 0.9.0

So I have been trying to upgrade my project from 0.8.4 to 0.9.0. When using codeblocks to add the flycapture library I went to the config.make file and added

USER_LIBS = -lflycapture

However, with the move over to QT Creator I do not know how to add the flycapture library.
I am assuming it has to do with the project qbs file, but I cannot figure it out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

in the project qbs look for:

of.linkerFlags: []

and change it to:

of.linkerFlags: [

except for the flags in that section which are overriden by the of config you can also use any of the flags in the cpp module of qbs:

so you could also do:

cpp.staticLibraries = [

the values are just javascript arrays

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Thank you Arturo, that worked I believe.
However now I am getting this error in compiling.

17:18:54: Could not start process “”
Error while building/deploying project ofxPointGreyGigECameraExample (kit: Desktop)
When executing step “Custom Process Step”

is it related?

I rebuilt the project and it compiled this time. Wonderful, looking forward to learning more about qt-creator.

just a note for anybody else running into this.
the staticLibraries is

cpp.staticLibraries: ['flycapture']