How to hide the text of a slider in the ofxUI library?

Hello !

Im using ofXUI to make my UI of a software, yet i wasn´t able to find how to hide the text of each slider, it is always been displayed.

This is the library :

Im using this library has it has a feature that none of the other library has, wich is the range slider, so. . change to another library may not be a good idea.

I´ve can´t find the function for it, wasn´t able to found it in the examples

If i were in you, I would not use that library, because it has not being update since ages and it has been deprecated by the author. It is really difficult that you’ll receive help for it.
If you do not like ofxGUI, as I’ve understand in a previous post, have a look at ofxGuiExtended by @frauzufall or ofxDatGui by @braitsch. I do not know if these addons will allow you to hide the text, but they will increase your chanches to get an answer as they are more used.

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@Julian_Puppo I quickly wrote a super basic range slider for ofxGuiExtended, wanted to do that for a while anyway. This is how you can use it and hide the text, just in case you consider using ofxGuiExtended. Also added it to this example.

ofParameter<float> rangesliderStart, rangesliderEnd;
rangesliderStart.set("range", 2, 0, 5); //set the name, the lower value of the range slider and min and max value here
rangesliderEnd.set(3); //set the upper value here

ofJson config = {{"show-value", false}, {"show-name", false}}; // config to hide text

panel->add<ofxGuiFloatRangeSlider>(rangesliderStart, rangesliderEnd, config);