How to hide the black box?

How to hide the black box? The window is the black box behind the form.

Not possible. That is Openframeworks watching you :sunglasses:

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// in main.cpp add this line on top

#pragma comment(linker, "/subsystem:\"windows\" /entry:\"mainCRTStartup\"")
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One comment, about the Always on Top method, in windows 8 or newer, the application needs to be digitally signed and reside in a trusted location (Program Files, system32, etc) in order to fully work over the OS overlays.

God point!!! I tried always on top on a windows 10 machine and was to able to make it work.

What does means “digitally signed” application? I have to make this?


This works for me:

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You have two options for code signing:

a) buy a 300 US$ a year certificate with thawte or any similar company (good for public distribution)
b) create your own certificates and install it in the machines that you will use (good for installations)

I used this guide for an installation early this year, I remember that has a couple of mistakes, but I cannot recall which one right now

I plan to write in the next few months a guide of how we configure our windows machines for installations, specially because i am researching how to avoid the automated stuff that windows 10 includes (updates, restarts, etc).

Thanks for the info!!! I will try to make it

Also the guide will be very cool, i don’t use much windows on installations but right now i have to use a win 10 machine for one and it gives me some headaches.

It worked. Thanks!!!

  1. download and install Windows 10 SDK
    2. créate certificate:
    • [console: ] makecert.exe -r -pe -ss thenameyouwant -n “CN=thenameyouwant” thenameyouwant.cer
  2. open mmc.exe
    • file->add/remove snap-ins
    • choose Certificates and click add
    • choose My user account
    • do this again but this time choose Computer account
  3. move the certificates to Trusted Root Certification Authorities. (To do this i exported and imported again in this folder)
    10.sign your exe
    • [console: ] signtool.exe sign /v /s thenameyouwant yourapp.exe
    1. move your application to a trusted location, like program folder

and ready!!


Great to know… I have had problems when importing certificates in a second machine, I will take a look.

I have not tried to move the certificate to a another machine… Im only using one computer and program directly on it.

Very good, but you can’t solve my problem