How to get user input from web?

Hi there,

I am thinking creating a game(which is not a game technically, but you can think it is) and I want to control it by web browser.

Basically, the user scenario is like below.

  1. Lots of users are watching game together on a large screen in a space.
  2. They are required to connect to a web site using their mobile phone.
  3. Some questions(A,B,C question) would be displayed on the screen one by one.
  4. They will input answers. They select one of A,B, and C, and submit. They should wait until the next question comes up. If the next question is displayed on the screen, they can select again.
  5. Based on their answers, the content on the screen would be changed.
  6. Users will answer several questions, and at the last moment, there would be different ending generated based on users answers.

Those are like 3 minutes game and there would be 300 people.

I am a super beginner for web so I don’t have any idea how to create this experience.
I could test this concept with OSC server and client apps which I created.

But I don’t know how to create web interface,
and how to control 300 people’s input. Yeah, basically, I know nothing.

Could anyone can help me? Any resources, tutorials, and examples are great!!
Thanks a lot!