How to get the pixels inside of a blob or screen area?

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Im working in a kinect project base on poppets technique animation and i need to save the pixels inside a blob to a .png image, any ideas?

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you’ll probably want to mask the whole camera image with the blob; i’d probably do it with glBlendFunc().

Any pointers to a good glBlendFunc example? When I do something like this I am probably doing it the hard/slow way

for (int i = 0; i<contourFinder->blobs.size(); i++)   
	ofxCvBlob blob = contourFinder->blobs[i];  
	int w = blob.boundingRect.width;  
	int h = blob.boundingRect.height;  
	unsigned char * pixels = new unsigned char[w*h*4];  
	unsigned char * colorPixels = cvColorImage.getPixels();  
	unsigned char * alphaPixels = cvGrayImageFromColorImage.getRoiPixels();  
	for (int c = 0; c < w; c++){  
		for (int r = 0; r < h; r++)  
			int pos = (r * w + c);  
			pixels[pos*4] = colorPixels[pos * 3];  
			pixels[pos*4+1] = colorPixels[pos * 3+1];  
			pixels[pos*4+2] = colorPixels[pos * 3+2];  
			pixels[pos*4+3] = alphaPixels[pos];  
	ofImage carImage;  
	carImage.setFromPixels(pixels, w, h, OF_IMAGE_COLOR_ALPHA);  
//you could probably carImage.saveImage("image.png"); here  
	delete [] pixels;  
	colorPixels = NULL;  
	delete colorPixels;  
	alphaPixels = NULL;  
	delete alphaPixels;  

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I will try and will return will my results


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