How to get stereo FFT from ofxFFT( julapy ver.)

Hi there,

I’m working with ofxFFT (julapy ver.)

This is really awesome with simple setup and use,but I have some question about getting stereo FFT data.
I found this fft example which can do stereo FFT.

but the fft.h & fft.cpp are different form these in ofxFFT.
I mean the powerSpectrum function.

this is the example one.
void powerSpectrum(int start, int half, float *data, int windowSize,float *magnitude,float *phase, float *power, float *avg_power);

And this is the ofxFFT one.
void powerSpectrum(int start, float *data, float *window, float *magnitude, float *phase);

Anyone can help me to do the stereo FFT in ofxFFT( julapy ver.)?