How to get outline of ofPath when poly winding mode is not set to ODD?

HI, I wonder if it is possible to get the outline(vector<ofPolyline>) of the ofPath when the poly winding mode is set to other options than OF_POLY_WINDING_ODD.

If I look at the code inside ofPath::getOutline(), it seems like it works differently when the winding mode is not set to OF_POLY_WINDING_ODD.

const vector<ofPolyline> & ofPath::getOutline() const{
		return tessellatedContour;
		return polylines;

In my code, I convert ofPath to vector<ofPolyline> but if the poly winding mode is not set to OF_POLY_WINDING_ODD, the returned vector<ofPolyline> has zero size which means it is empty.

Is it simply not allowed to get polylines if ofPath uses other winding modes? Or am I missing something?

Thank you so much in advance!