How to get more information on "Segmentation fault (core dumped)" on Ubuntu


I have quite a huge application, running on Ubuntu, that crashes very rarely but from time to time I get a “Segmentation fault (core dumped)” error. I checked the code many times, tried to figure out what is the problem is, tried to reproduce problem in a smaller application but I just and cannot understand what is going on. I tried to solve it many times but after a while this error comes back and it starts to be very frustrating.

My first idea to see a bit more what is going on is to actually check what kind of information is inside this “core dumped”. But I cannot find a way to get this core really being dumped. I tried to run:

ulimit -c unlimited

But this doesn’t do anything.

Next I tried to attached gbd to the process (see answer 3 in here). But as soon as I do that, my application hangs until I quit gbd so this is not usable.

Then I started to check about Apport but it got me confused more than anything and not sure if it’s really a possible solution.

Is there a way to get similar report as on OS X when an application crashes on Ubuntu?

Thanks a lot!


how are you running your application and where are you executing the ulimit command ?

I ve used the ulimit command in the past and it was actually dumping the core.

Some more info on the run/start process of the your app would be helpful!


haven’t tried it but this seems like what you are looking for:


I tried again to use gdb and realised I was using it wrong. Now I did:

gdb myApp

Once I managed to get my application to crash I entered:


This worked and provided me with some information.

I also tried the link provided by Arturo but it seems that there is a problem in the script proposed there. I guess for now I will see if the info given by gdb helps to solve my issue.