How to get Linux Binary/executable in Ubuntu 16.10

Hey all -

Looking for info for how to get an executable/double clickable binary out of make && makerun on Ubuntu 16.10

Make and run work fine to get it to launch and there is a file inside my /bin folder with the name of the app, but it’s not openable - properties show it as a “shared library”.

Do I need to chmod it with the right magic combo to make it an executable?


try chmod 777

i’ll try to get of up and going on my linux partition tomorrow and see if I can provide any help

this is a known bug in ubuntu 16.10. for security reasons latest versions of gcc compile binraries with some flags that make the desktop file manager recognize them as a shared library:

you can still run that binary from the console or you can create a small script that just runs that binary, like:


just change example with whatever your program is named. then right click the script in the file manager, properties, permissions and give execution permissions.

you can also create a .desktop file which allows to even add that program to the dock with it’s corresponding icon:


[Desktop Entry]
Name=My OF Program
Comment=This is my comment

note that here the path has to be absolute. you’ll also need to give execution permissions to this file


arturo to the rescue…thanks so much, ill try this out today