How to get constant / smooth update rate? OSX10.6.6 of62o

Problem: My (lightweight) program only updates at it’s desired frame rate when I stick the mouse in it’s window and wiggle it about! i.e. As long as it’s receiving lots of I/O events it’s all good!

So - how do I get it’s priority to stay up?

I’ve verified this (and kind of solved it, but in a gross way) by setting up doing a:

ofSoundStreamSetup(0,2,this, 44100, 256, 4);  

and then a

    if(!psnFlag){ // just do this once   
    CGEventRef e = CGEventCreateKeyboardEvent (NULL, (CGKeyCode)83, true);  
    CGEventPostToPSN (&psn,e);  

to generate fake keyboard events directed at the process.

(edit: I both do a ofSetFrameRate(30); and DON’T set vsync sync. )

So, the above “works” but what’s the right way to do this??