How to freeze the draw loop

I’ve researched about turning off the drawing loop in OF but i couldn’t find anything that tells me exactly how to do it how exactly can I use a boolean to control the drawing? Thanks

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You could use “return;”
Why do you want to turn off the drawing loop?

hello, i’m doing a trivia game, and i wanted to display one question at a time as the user keeps answering however because draw keeps updating it’s not letting the user answer on bitmap and only letting me print all of the questions at once by printing a stringstream with all the questions but in that way it keeps updating and loading but I only needed it to print the questions once.

so should i add return at the end of draw method?

You can’t freeze the draw loop. You can put your logic game/questions inside condition, for example if, else, switch or while.

Or you can post here some code what you are trying to do inside draw loop. This may help us to understand better your question.