how to find ofMain.h

So, I am a beginner. Again. Did some programming on linux years ago, now sitting on MaC OS Lion

Basically, I just installed git/GitHub, Xcode 4.1 and forked/Cloned the soundythingie app.

Now, trying to make the original code run on my comp. I figured I needed the Of library. So, i cloned that from the terminal into my Documents.

The questions I have is two at this stage:

  1. What would your main advice be for me to make the original program compile and run on my machine?
  2. Given the errors as seen in the att pdf, how do I make my soundythingie project find the openframework libraries and feel good about it?

Thanks in beforehand from a newbie who probably should do some more homework before asking, but who needs a fairly quick start on this…


applications need to be 2 levels below the apps directory:


from there if the project is old you’ll probably need to adjust it a bit. The easiest is to begin with the xcodeproj of one of the new examples and add the missing files to the project


I will concider your suggestions. If I understand you correctly - the entire soundthingie import should be put not in Documents folder but INSIDE the apps directory within openframework?

I now started adding relative links to the ofMain file. My project is at the same level as the openframework stuff, so I used: “…/openFrameworks/libs/openFrameworks/ofMain.h” as reference to the file.

But, found I did not have the actual openframeworklibraries in Xcode so I drag n dropped in in there. I now have loads of nice errors and warnings to have a look at. It will probably turn out to me having to scrap the whole thing and start all over… I guess I might have started out wrong putting the openframework files in the wrong place etc. But I guess I will learn…

As I guess you can guess I am quite a newbie, oh yes, but still hoping to get some tips from patient old timers.

So, starting from scratch, I now cloned openframe… and the soundthingie within:openfr…–> apps --> myapps -->soindythingie.

This looks like a better start. Links and all seems fine. Still some errors, but all seems related to quick time (see attachement). See att if you have time to help out. I will have a further look into it now. Hope to learn something from it.


i think that’s something related with lion, like some function is missing but don’t know exactly what it is. look the xcode section, probably someone else has found the same problem. if you can’t find it then ask in that section for the specific problem

Yes, here:

I found what seems like the same issue. I will see if they managed to solve it. [edit ]The solution is in a link from that post, and my problem now is trying to understand it :slight_smile: