how to extend Kinect usb wires ...

hi OFers !!

i’m trying to find out a solution for extending the usb connection from computer to a XBox Kinect . I need something like 10m to 20m.

I bought a couple of this :

And …

They don’t seem to work ok on a MacBookPro (17" Late 2010) … The light from Kinect is lit, but there are a bunch of errors on the console and the ofxKinectExample doesn’t work.

But …

I tried on a Hackintosh desktop and it worked … and it worked for 10m and 20m .
So my conclusion is that the MacBookPro Usb ports have kind of low power compared to a desktop computer and that is the reason … ?¿

Any ideas about it, basically to confirm that the problem is a MacBookPro USB power issue ?
Or anyone has an alternate USB extension solution/wire that could work to extend Kinect with a MacBookPro ? (i can’t afford the USB to LAN converters)

Thanks a lot for any idea, product or tweak …


Those blue ones are horrible and bit us in the ass before in a large installation in China. (using a new Mac Pro) I specifically ordered those blue ones having read somewhere they were OK for Kinect. I can look up the ones that worked better for us but I won’t be at work for a week. Even the better working ones gave us some problems, sometimes big latency (dropped USB frames?), sometimes not working. The kinect is already pushing the limits of a USB port and extending it going to be problemetic. The next multi kinect installation I do that needs long distance I will put a mac mini on each kinect sensor and have them send image data over ethernet.

these work great for me

Thanks RobotFunk and Stephan !

@RobotFunk … fuck ! I do also bought them as they stated to keep 480Mbps but seems not at all … But on my Hackintosh they are working quite good, for 10m and 20m so maybe i need to make extensive testing before saying they worked for me …

@Stephen … Thanks for the link, i know that USB-CAT5 could be a solution, but the price is too high. I need to integrate 3 of them and the cost rises too much for the budget :_(

Anyone has tested any USB extender solution ?

What about something like this ? … as i’ve found differences from a laptop to a desktop, maybe if the USB extender is powered may give better results ?


I’m in a similar situation myself, and am curious to hear if there’s a cheaper option than the Black box cat 5 extender.

here you go