How to extend iPhoneGuiExample ?

Hi there,
I’d need to had other views to the initial example.
By writing that, I guess these are views I’d need…

I explain a bit:
I’d need to have some different part in my interface:

  • the user launch the app and land on the first part, inviting him to take a picture
  • once the picture is taken, another “view” provide different buttons (fx1, fx2, fx3, retake a pic, exit)
  • after to have pushed fx1, OF process the pix (nice mix between OF / iOS sdk ie C++/ObjC) and offer a new “view”

Would a nice soul would help me with that ?
I’d just need a light kickstart :slight_smile:


I’m really interested by using UI iOS SDK elements AND OF as a “backend” for processing data (pictures & more)

if you check the latest develop branch on github ( and run the apps/devApps/projectGenerator app and build for iOS ), the iosNativeExample demonstrates further how to have an iOS app with OF as more of a backend.

this will be included in the 0071 release which should be posted shortly ( less than a week from now ).

hope that helps!