How to Export project as Standalone .EXE file without the need for external DLL's

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I’ve finally finished my project (Thank you all for helping me in the forums, special shout outs to @roymacdonald , @Jildert , @burton , @thomasgeissl , @TimChi ), and now I’m trying to export it as a standalone .EXE without the need for external DLL’s. Is there also a way to include the font and wav files found in my bin -> folder into the EXE as well? I’ve tried reading up on past forums, and looking online and am a bit confused on how to do so? Does anyone have any experiance creating standalone EXE files that include the necessary .DLL file + the necessary files in the data folder?


I am not an expert on Windows, but I have needed to deliver projects as for windows several times and I´ve found the following.
It is quite hard, or cumbersome or maybe not even possible to put the dll files and data into a single exe file. So, the solution I ended up using almost everytime was to create an installer, which contained all the needed files, which would be copied during install into the appropriate directory (the default I think it is C:/Program Files), create some short cuts of it so it shows up in the start menu.
If you code and built it on Visual Studio you will need to iinstall the “Redistributable Package” other wise the app wont run.

I see what you’re saying but I do need to be able to have it all under one .exe file. Anyone else have any other suggestions?

I just googled “bundle into exe” and one of the first results was which seems to do the job. No idea how it works, if it is good or anything. But I guess that it is something you can do once you already have the app build.

I downloaded it, but unfortunately it won’t complete the bundle unless you pay for a license. I did however find another application that works really well and is easy to use. It merges the DLL’s and whatever files you have in your data folder (in my case, fonts and sound effects) all into one nice .EXE. The application is called BoxedApp Packer. It’s pretty easy to use. You can download it here.

The only issue with this one is that it too needs a license. But this one will let you bundle all the files into a .EXE file. Issue is when you run the .EXE file everything is working, but 5 sec in a pop up appears saying that “This .EXE was created with the demo version of BoxedApp Packer, to remove this message purchase a license”. You can close that little message and still use the .exe just fine but it is annoying.

There is also another one, but when i download it from git hub, both chrome and windows flag it as a sever trojan virus. You can install it here.

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You could look into NSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System)
It’s free and have been around for years, very reliable.