How to export 3D models for ofx3DModelLoader or ofxAssimpModelLoader


I would like to know the best tool to export 3D models to OF. I tried to export few models to collada format from blender but it seems that the assimpLoader can’t load them properly.

Which tool do you guys use to export 3D models for AR projects? Does anyone know how Theo exported that astro-boy model? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

It would be great if we can create a guide on how to export 3D models for OF. Would be superb if we can do that with Blender.


Can somebody help me with this please? :-/

I just want to know the best tool to create 3D models (with animations) for OF.

Thank You!

Exporting collada might be tricky, but I’ve succeeded a while ago. I use 3ds max for that with openCollada plugin, which is free of course. The thing is that getting animated model working, you have to do some work in OF as well, as in blueBOY example :wink: I’m now really busy with many things, but I will later try to bring some kind of tutorial for that and show what I was able to do with it…

But first try to get in touch with example code, I think it’s really important if you want to understand how ofxAssimp works…

Thanks Matas!

I was able to export models in collada using Cinema4D. However, there were few limitations. OF was able to import the models if the model had been exported as a single mesh/object.

Only the animations that can be done with bones and skeleton mapping could be loaded to OF.

Thanks again for the reply!

Good to hear you were lucky with this. I’ve simply exported ragdoll animation. I don’t think I’ve tried exporting few mesh objects in one go, but I guess it can work. I should try to create a dummy object in 3ds max, then, in theory, any animated and dummy-linked mesh could have been transfered in one instance, but don’t know if there are such things in cinema4d :wink: Anyway, I’m really fascinated by Assimp stuff and other 007 tools… It’s also interesting what you’re building with it, so please share your work when you’ll have something to show :slight_smile: I guess OF is going to be pretty good game engine later…

Actually, I could not work on this recently as I got busy with some other projects. Also, I got really tired trying to export proper models in Collada and trying to load them back in OF. :slight_smile:

I was wondering… why can’t we load simple animations like deformations, scaling etc… with the Assimp loader?


Well, I think I had scaling and simple box moviement working when it was properly linked with dummy object, so it can be done. :wink:

I see! It is all about the linked dummy then. This is tricky! :slight_smile: