How to exit app in other way than using "esc" ?

Hi all,

Surely I’s something really obvious…

But I spent 45mn searching how to quit the application in an other way than pushing “escape” and I did not find it!

I need to exit the application, and run some methods at this moment, so I added the exit() method to testApp -working fine -, but It seems that I can’t use the original exit(int status) method.

I understood I should maybe call ofExitCallback() but I don’t have any access to this method.

Any idea ?

Thanks a lot,


hi, yea the testApp::exit() hides the exit(int status) you are looking for, so you need to use std::exit(0);

P.S. the testApp::exit() is a callback that gets called automatically when the app exits (but I’m not sure if it gets called when you call std::exit(0) )


It’s working fine!

As well the testApp::exit() is called using this method.