How to enable point smoothing

I cannot seem to make smoothing for points activate. In the documentation it says that ofEnableSmoothing only works for lines, so I thought I’d just insert the openGL by hand:

//add vertices...

None of this works. Why isn’t smoothing for points implemented in some openFrameworks method? Shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, no?


As far as I know point smoothing is hardware dependent, your card may or may not implement round points when using GL_POINT_SMOOTH.

If the calls above don’t work (and there isn’t something missing that I am also missing) then your card probably doesn’t do round points with point smoothing turned on and indeed it would be hard to implement what you are asking for.

I’d use point sprites with a nice round texture instead, way better. The pointsAstextures example shows you how to use it. It’ll work with anything that draws points, not just a vbo like in the sample.