How to enable openGL log when compiling

So, something really weird is happening. Im sure is quite easy to solve.

So when I run the program NOT from the compiler BUT from the .exe file, the log shows me what it seems to be the openGL log, like the warnings and errors and stuff.

BUT if i run it using the local windows debugger in visual studio every time i compile it I get this :

Here it only shows the log of what IM saying it to log but NOT the openGL log.

So my question is. How can I fully activate the openGL log when running thought the compiler?

2 cents only but…
it seems that the 2nd window is from C cout messages only, and the first one shows all ofLog messages.
When you run an ofApp into Visual Studio you can see the first window into the VS panels, and the 2nd one into another floating app console window.
I know you can setup VS to hide all console windows on your standalone app. but I don’t know how to include all ofLog into the console window, sorry.

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