how to duplicate emptyExample for use in Xcode 4?

The instructions for making my own copy of emptyExample seems to be for pre-Xcode version 4, and I can’t find all of the setting changes I need to make. Here’s what I am doing:

  • duplicate emptyExample folder
  • rename the folder to testProgram
  • rename the .xcodeproj file to testProgram.xcodeproj
  • open in Xcode 4
  • under the schemes dropdown, select Edit Scheme
  • select Manage Schemes button at bottom of new pane
  • click on ‘emptyExample’ in the schemes column and rename to testProject, click OK

At this point, everything seems set, except for my executable names, which are still targeted for emptyExample. By browsing testProject->Build Settings->Product Name I can see here that it is still set for emptyExample. If I click on the name, it expands to show the variable $(TARGET_NAME), so I need to find where to edit $(TARGET_NAME) but I can’t. Any ideas where to find it?


Hi, yes don’t do it that way. I only use Xcode 4 so i had the same problem. This is how i do it,

(OSX 10.6.x Xcode 4.x openFrameworks of_preRelease_v0062_osxSL_FAT )

duplicate empty example
open up the .xcodeproj file in Xcode (double click)
select the project (top item in project navigator window)
show the Utilities (top right of general app, third button in second group of three)
Top of the utility window should say "“Project Name” change it to your project name of choice and press return (must press return not just click away)
A window will popup asking to rename project items…select Rename
Quit project when this is done.
Go to project folder (it will still be named “emptyExample copy”) change it to name of your project (not absolutely needed)
reopen project and it’s is all done…

You may find old binaries etc in the folders for the old project name…you can safely delete these