How to dump values to the screen and update them every frame?


I wander what is the easiest way of dumping a lot of values to the screen. I’ve got a vector of 20-30 float values which change every frame, and want to be able to see them on screen real-time.

I tried to use ofxGui with ofParameter but this seems to work if ofParameters are declared as class members (If ofParameters are stored as vector or even dynamic array the values don’t update and the gui panel is glitched) And I have a variable number of this parameters.

Is there any pre-defined class or addon which helps in that matter? Or do I have to implement my own using ofDrawBitmapString?


Is ofDrawBitmapString not doing something that you would expect it to do? It’s probably your best bet.

Are you looking for a visual representation (bars or connected lines) or a value representation (numbers)?

A value representation.

I know it can be done using ofDrawBitmapString, just asking if there are any convenience classes for this kind of stuff, so that i don’t reinvent the wheel with my own.