How to draw wireframe while culling backfaces?

Hi !
I am trying to generate same visual as Mourad Merzouki Pixel (by Adrien M and Claire B).
I am stuck with this :

  1. with ofMesh I can generate a mesh but only made of triangles, not quads. How can I generate such a mesh with quads ?
  2. If I have such a mesh drawn in wireframe, how can I cull back faces (ie: not draw quads not facing the camera) ?

Thanks for your answers !

(Removing brainfart that won’t work)


One simple way to go about it could be to draw a grid onto an Fbo and then use that as a texture that you wrap onto your mesh.


I have read your first answer and was dubitative about it, but I kept thinking about testing it.
But this one should definitively work. I’ll test it and tell you if it’s ok.
Thank you !


There is the glPolygonOffset() function as well, feels like a bit of a hack, but would do it as well.