How to draw tubes

Hello, I’m trying to implement an LSystem in a 3D space in order to draw trees like this
I’m not interested in the leaves, but only on the trunk and its ramification.

The form that I’m looking for is a tube, that can be used to draw the the parts of the tree.
Looking around I’ve found 2 ways to do this:

  1. Using ofPolyline with this addon
  2. Defining 3d points without using ofPolyline, for each of them define the direction and add a circle, then connect them. There are 2 posts on the forum with this solution, Draw 3D tubes Render Worm Body (Tube) by @NickHardeman and @Poiex, but both of them are a bit unclear to me.

Is there a preferred way to accomplish this task? The first addon looks specific for a single line, and i need more than one line in order do draw all the ramification of a tree.
I do not want to use the cylinder primitive, I think it will create hard angles in the ramification

Any suggestion is more than appreciated :wink:

Just in case someone else will have the same problem, this addon is also doing this, drawing L-System using tubes.