How to draw single pixel in OpenFrameworks?

I wonder how the computer represents pixels.

Therefore, I wanted to know the process of drawing pixels, so I tried to study through “ofpixel”.

However, “ofpixel” could not draw pixels because it did not have a draw function.

I want to know how to draw a pixel in openframeworks and how the magic happens and the computer draws pixels. Should I look for the library?

you should try testing the bundled examples folder and the learning blog from the web:

It’s so vast that if you tell me how, I think I know how to study.

I’ll look for it, too. Thank you.

Did you compiled successfully any example yet?

You could start with the \examples\graphics\ subfoler. i.e. this one \examples\graphics\graphicsExample

I started reading the ofBook which has some great first examples. ofBook - Graphics

To draw a single pixel you could use ofDrawRectangle with a width and height of 1.