How to download an Xcode project and fix dependencies / compile errors

I need a total idiots guide here.
I’ve got Xcode up and running and I can compile and run the examples no problem.

But I’ve tried to download an open this project from here,

But it won’t compile, I obviously need to target the OF library / paths.

Can someone tell me where to go and what to change!


I’ve download that ZIP file - and placed the project folder inside my Openframeworks root folder inside the examples folder.

Everything seems to compile except these files which are missing,
#include “ofxAnisotropic.h”
#include “ofxAnisotropic_A.h”
#include “ofxAnisotropic_B.h”

I’ve no idea where to look - they’re not in the project download, or anywhere inside my open frameworks folder. Googling it hasn’t shown any results. Any ideas?

okay sorry for another idiot post - but I managed to get the downloaded project I wanted working :wink:

In general, when you have problems with file starting with “ofx”, check if all the addons needed are installed

Thanks - I figured that out eventually :wink:

Another option I might add, is to use the project generator.
It has an “import” option which, sometimes, fixes your troubles. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that some (older) projects on the web have outdated configurations, dependencies, …
You can put the downloaded sketch in your myApps folder and then import it with the project generator.
The project generator then lists all the addons the project needs. If you miss some, then download those and regenerate the project.

O and by the way, there’s a xcode plugin to easily add OF addons to your current project:

Oh thank you! Just what I really needed!