How to do Morphing : any addons, exemples or reference with OF?

I would like to make a smooth transitions between 2 silhouettes/blob, with a “morphing” style

My pictures are in grayscale, with only one black silhouette on white background

Do you have an idea how I can achieve this with OF ?



Not a perfect solution, but it can be a start:

Use openCV to get the contour points from two silhouettes (I did that once using ofxCvContourFinder).
Once you’ve got two polylines, one for each silhouette, you can realize the morphing animation by computing the animation path for each point of the contour with a simple interpolation formula.
I made a quick example for the interpolation method: (2.2 KB)
Draw a first silhouette with the mouse, then another one, and press space to see the morphing animation. Take care to start your drawing at the same place for each silhouette (for example at the top of the head).

@lilive nice example!

For photographic morphs you might also want to try creating an ofMesh that is pinned to salient features (either manually or using a computer vision feature detector) between two objects (for a face morph it might be corners of mouths, pupils, etc) and then use a very similar technique to @lilive to move between two meshes cross fading the texture as you go.


I challenged it, too.

and I was able to do it on oF 0.8.3. maybe…

[demo movie]




wow great !
Working only with people faces, but very cool !

hi @selflash

any change of reposting your link to
it looks like the perfect thing that i looking for -)


I posted a article and uploaded the source.
However, it is Japanese.

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