How to do fullscreen in of0.9.1

hi all,
my main.cpp looks like

int main( ){
    ofGLWindowSettings settings;
    settings.width = PROJECTOR_WIDTH;
    settings.height = PROJECTOR_HEIGHT;
    settings.setGLVersion(3, 2);
    settings.windowMode = OF_FULLSCREEN;

    ofRunApp(new ofApp());

like this, the taskbar in xfce and the titlebar of the ofApp window, are still shown.
how can I correct this?

note that I tried OF_GAME_MODE but my app runs extremely slow then. Is that normal?


subject discussed here

and solved here :

Try openFrameworks 0.9.3 or apply the patch above

Using v0.10.0 this still seems not to work; I get a normal window and not the fullscreen window I expect. I’m using code identical to what is at the top of this post.