How to do a Image Rectification by using OpenFrameworks?

Hi everyone.

I need to find a depth value from two image like the stereo camera,
but I used the sequence of image from the monocular camera instead of left-right image from the stereo camera.

So that, I need to rectified image before to find a depth value
because block-matching algorithms ( using to find a disparity range of two image ) can not find a match area.

My question,
Openframeworks have a addon for image rectification or not ?
if not, anyone have an idea for image rectification by using openframeworks please suggest me,
thank you.



Hi Annop

This image processing tasks are usually carried out using OpenCV. OpenFrameworks has an addon called ofxOpenCV which you can use.

As for how to rectify using OpenCV, there are plenty of tutorials and examples online, just google “opencv image rectification” or “opencv stereo depth”. This is a simple reddit post I found describing a solution.

I will try from your suggestion ,

thank you so much @Hennio :slight_smile: