How to disable pixel blending in ofImage

this may have an obvious answer but is it possible to disable blending pixels when drawing an image at a bigger size (or using ofScale)? say i have a 50x50 image but draw it at 300x300. i’d like to remove the gradients between pixels and just draw them pixelated. i thought ofDisableAntiAliasing would do it but i suppose that’s just for lines.

antialiasing only works for geometry and actually only for lines to remove the jagged edges. what you want is to set the filtering of the texture to nearest neighbour instead of the default bilinear:

img.getTexture().setTextureMinMagFilter(GL_NEAREST, GL_NEAREST);

which sets the filtering to nearest for both drawing the image bigger or smaller, you can use any combinartion of GL_NEAREST and GL_LINEAR

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perfect, thanks @arturo .