How to determine ofVideoDevice capture resolution?

Hey all,

I’m working on a desktop app that lets the user select between multiple capture devices using ofVideoGrabber, and I’d like to avoid skewing the aspect ratio if at all possible. However it looks as though the formats vector on ofVideoDevice returns an empty list, at least using the grabber on OS X. Peeking into the source for the QT grabber, it does appear that this field is left blank when constructing the vector. I’d hack the source but with no experience in the QT API that’s probably going to be a long slog.

Long story short, is there a proper way of determining the capture resolution for video devices? I think I know the aspect ratio of my own built-in camera but hardcoding a resolution is less than ideal. Does anyone know of a way that oF can query this info, or a workaround?

oF version is 0.93 if that helps.

thanks much,