How to delete QuickTime and GLUT for Mac App Store Submission

Hi, I’m following this tutorial ( for submitting OF app to Mac App Store. And it says I should remove Quicktime and QTKit frameworks from the project.

But what I’m a bit confused is that I can’t find the frameworks files from Build Phases > Link Binary with Libraries as it is written in the tutorial. What I see is only openFrameworksDebug.a.

So what I did instead was deleting the 3 frameworks(I should delete GLUT frameworks too right?) in the Build Settings

I also edited CoreOF.xcconfig file (libs/openFrameworksCompiled/project/osx/CoreOF.xcconfig ) as below

I removed this line in the file

LIB_GLUT = “$(OF_PATH)/libs/glut/lib/osx/GLUT.framework/Versions/A/GLUT”

And removed this part

-framework QuickTime -framework QTKit -framework GLUT

And also removed this line from the run script build phase

# Copy GLUT framework (must remove for AppStore submissions)
rsync -aved ../../../libs/glut/lib/osx/GLUT.framework "$TARGET_BUILD_DIR/$"

Is this a correct way to delete quickTime and GLUT for Mac App Store Submission?
I would really appreciate if anyone can confirm this for me. :slight_smile: