How to create a single EXE file

Hi there!

I’ve been using open frameworks for a few weeks now and it’s amazing so thanks to everyone who’s made this happen!! My question is this:

I’m using codeblocks on windows and when I compile my application it creates the .exe file, then there are some dlls (fmodex.dll, FreeImage.dll, glut.dll, libassimp.dll, libfreetype-6.dll, qtmlClient.dll and zlib1.dll), then I have a data folder with some images and an xml file.

Is there any way that I can compile these into just one exe file?

(Perhaps some settings in Codeblocks, or a way to embed images in the project?)


i work mostly in osx and there you can right click on the compiled app and see it’s content. i sometimes place my data folder in side this content folder and change the ofSetDataPathRoot() to point to where ever you have your data folder.
I don’t think that the windows .exe file can have anything inside. maybe ?
you could make you data folder invisible .data


If you use Visual Studio you can embed resources fairly easily As far I know GCC doesn’t allow for that, though I’d love to be wrong about that.

I don’t know much about Code Blocks, but I am also trying to make a single executable. First thing I am trying to accomplish is moving the .dlls into the data folder. I have managed to copy the libs there by changing the post-build steps in the Pre/post build steps. But of course I get an error that I am missing the .dlls from my computer.
Is it possible to change the paths of the dlls? I have been searching online and it seems that the libs need to be static to accomplish this?

Any help/direction would be great!!

check the Enigma.Virtual.Box,best part is- that’s free.

Is there any progress on creating a single executable?

Im also interested