How to connecting Supercollider to OF

Hello Everyone,

I wanna connecting Supercolldier with OF.

When I compile Example of Supercollider source .There is error such ‘GL/glew.h’ file not found or Apple LLVM 5.0 Error.

What i have done that add library GL/glew.h to Header search paths and change SDK from OX 10.4 to 10.8
But still not working.
I was download ofxSupercollider but there is LLVM 5.0 error as well.
I was search internet to solving Apple LLVM 5.0 Error but I never found right answer for me.
mostly i spend time to find error although I am not programmer either developer.
Is there easy way to do this or anyone has experienced with this ?
please someone giving me some insight.

Thanks in Advance

This sounds more like a problem with your openframeworks installation rather than ofxSupercollider. Have you tried running the examples in the openframeworks examples folder? See if those work… For ofxSupercollider, make sure the folder is located inside of your addons directory, along with the other addons (like ofxKinect, ofxOpenCv, etc).

Hello Genekogan,
Thanks for response . yes running example in OF_example folder is perfectly works.
and I was running ofxSupercollider in addon and myapp both but t were same result.
I was created emptily example as well and copy all the source code from ofxSC and executed it . it was same result.
if something seem to be not working then
i was reinstall OF.
And sometimes i was removed the DerivedData in preference.

Thanks anyway.


try to make a new project in the project generator and add ofxSuperCollider to it. the addon is very simple, no additional libraries, so i suspect you have misplaced it somehow in your addons directory. does it show up in the project generator?

Thanks for Tip and Suggestion.
I just following what you said . then It drive me another error.
I don’t understand that what xcode complain about.I attach a photo.

Mostly its come from my lack of knowledge programming.
Could you point out which step do i take to solving this error?

many thanks

oh i see now – yes this is a quick fix. remove the default arguments given in the cpp file and move them over to the header file.

so in ofxSCServer.cpp, you should just have

ofxSCServer::ofxSCServer(string hostname, unsigned int port) {

and in ofxSCServer.h, you should have

ofxSCServer(string hostname="localhost", unsigned int port = 57110);

Hello Genkogan,
Thanks for helping .
Now it’s working.

use openobect library for supercollider, to communicate back and forth supercollider with clients