how to connect functions and UISwitch or UISlider on xib

Hello guys

I can’t figure out how to connect IBAction like -(IBAction)adjustPoints:(id)sender;
to UISlider on interface builder. I looked at “iPhoneGuiExample”, but all connections have exclamation marks. When I added a slider and IBAction on MYGuiView.h, a new IBAction didn’t show up on File’s Owner menu.

Please help!

I made a link for a screenshot.

Am I doing something wrong? I have made few apps on SDK, so I know how to use Interface builder, but never with OF…

hi katsudon…

In interface builder at (bottom right)… click on the yellow icon to view the error messages…

All error messages said "blah blah is no longer defined on MyMusicView. I didn’t have any “MyMusic…”, so I changed all “MyGui” to “MyMusic” and it worked!!! Thank you very much, Dorand! :smiley:

What I’m attempting to do is switch the graphics to NoFill or Fill. I’m a little confused because I can’t tell if I should be using bfill, OF_OUTLINE/OF_FILLED, or NoFill()/Fill().

Here’s what I’ve got so far in MyViewController.m. Not that I’ve started with ofNoFill() because once I have this right, I’ll know immediately when it launches as No-Fill…

- (IBAction) toggleEnabledForSwitch1: (id) sender {  
	if (switch1.on == YES) {  
	} else {  

I’m an idiot… the reason I was having a problem is because I just recycled the MyViewController.h/.m from another project into this one. Renaming the .m file to .mm resolves all of my issues.