how to connect arduino with OF

Hi to everyones.I want to make a project in which via Of+arduino move a servos.
How to do it?
Show me some examples.
On CodeBlock or MS Visual C++
a tutorial who is close of what you search.

and think to place a please or a can you next time^^


I hate to spoil the fun birkto, but I think it’s in the forums and the community’s best interest if we all talk english.

my bad…

hi. very intreting thread, its kind what i was looking for…

i was looking information about moving servos with arduino, (who many, wich kind & how)

2 intresting subjects, moving servos and traking images

a few questions in the spanish version were clear now for me, like the ide to use…

now i’m “playing” this the example of the totorial

who many servos can you control with arduino UNO?

thanks in advance…