How to compile OF from the command line so you can break up with xcode and use atom or sublime

thank you all. glad i can use atom instead of qtcreator (running linux).

Hello, i’m a new with Openframework and not really confortable with terminal. I don’t use bash but ohmyzh I don’t find the .zsh_profile but after few research i think .zshrc is similar to set it.

I add the sentence like is write with my own path /Users/stan/En_cours/code/Open_Framework_v0_11who become OF_ROOT=~/En_cours/code/Open_Framework_v0_11. I save it.
and after i’m gone to my project folder to compile it with make.

the result is not the behavior expected… it’s like a while(1) compilation, i must stop it by using ctrl + cbelow an example of what happen… sure i miss something but what ? If any body have time to help in this confinement time that’s can be great :slight_smile: