How to compile last version of an app

This may be a silly question, but I can´t find any reference of it.

Im tryng to compilated to last and stable version. The exe in bin folder only runs if you got visual librarys installed. So, how can a I make a version for all platforms?

Or at least , wich librarys do I need?

I don’t completely understand what you mean. Anyway, there’s no such think as a single app for all platforms. You need to compile for each platform using the corresponding IDE. This means if you’re on windows you only can compile for windows [and android], on OSX for osx, ios, and android and on linux only linux and android.

As for the visual libraries, that’s an annoying thing about VS. You need to install the C++ redistributable package along with the app on the computers that dont have visual studio installed. In this case I usually create a windows installer that will install the redistributable package and the app anywhere on disk (usually C:ProgramFile/myOFApp and create a desktop shortcut)
Hope this helps.


I was meaning exactly that. For some reason only Redistributable Package x86 works in different windows clients

You’ll need the x64 version if you compile as a 64 bit version. Hence, you’ll need to provide a 32bit (x86) and 64bit versions of your app with the according Redistributable package so you install the right one on each client.