how to compile for mac with codeblocks windows

Hi guys,

I need to compile my project completely crossplatform, or at least it should be played on Mac either, I have no idea of where to begin cos i’m a newbye in C++ and OF and codeblocks. I’ve seen in the Project Properties window there’s a “platforms” field that is set to “all”, (“windows”, “unix”, “mac”), then I don’t understand if it compiles for that os, or maybe I can’t find the files.

any help would be very appreciated


J, sorry, you won’t be able to compile OS X executables on Windows. You’ll need a mac with XCode to do that. However, the code itself should transfer fairly easily to the XCode environment. Sometimes takes a tweak here or there (usually just tweaks to project settings to enable specific includes for building, linking, etc.), but I move back and forth all the time.

harg, that a bad news cos I don’t have a mac. I had supposed was possible since I always do in processing without any problem.

thanks a lot anyway