How to compile assimp for android/x86?

I try to compile our Android game for Android’s X86 arch.

I get “undefined reference” errors when it comes to AssimpModelLoader methods. I see assimp library is precompiled for android/armeabi-v7a, but there is not a precompiled file for x86.

How I can compile it?

I think this may be done via the apothecary, but if so how to write a formula for the job?


I can remember a similar question in another post, and i’m not sure if the solution are the same, but addin the following lines at the end of “config.make” file in your project may solve the problem.


Hope it helps!

there’s some other formulas already working for android x85 in master, check scripts/apothecary/formulas. for example freetype. assimp won’t probably get updated for next release since we are still stuck in 2.0 because the api in 3.0 is not compatible so if you want to just compile the library for x86 that should be fine too