How to change windows and fullscreen mode

Hello, guys I’m trying to run 3 OF project files on 1 PC with 3 monitors.

I want to make each monitor run 1 OF exe file with fullscreen mode.

but if I run my project file with fullscreen mode, only the main monitor runs on fullscreen mode.

how can I make each monitor run on fullscreen mode? or is there any way I can hide the window boundary??

I can hide the task bar and hide the bottom space but I cant hide the top of my OF exe windows boundary…

Hi, you might be able to do so with the window settings.

on each project on main.cpp put the following

int main( ){
	ofGLFWWindowSettings glWindowSettings;
   	// Uncomment the following line to use the programmable gl renderer.
    //glWindowSettings.setGLVersion(3, 2);
   	glWindowSettings.windowMode = OF_FULLSCREEN;// OF_WINDOW

	glWindowSettings.setPosition({1000, 0});

	//try changing some of the following. The values shown are the defaults
	glWindowSettings.visible = true;
	glWindowSettings.iconified = false;
	glWindowSettings.decorated = true;
	glWindowSettings.resizable = true;
	glWindowSettings.monitor = 0;
	glWindowSettings.multiMonitorFullScreen = false;

	ofRunApp( new ofApp());


Try changing the monitor number and try how it works with either multiMonitorFullScreen set to true or false.
Also you can try and set the position. But I think that with just setting the monitor number it shouuld work

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