How to change the Application Icon Image file..

Hi there…

I want to change ofx Application’s on Xcode Project.
I known to change the Application Icon on the Xcode project that is change the plist file information tab.
Because I was change plist files icon image tab information. And icon image Add to my project.
Then I was compile the project. But icon image file is not added to my application.

please teach me Any other people who know to change the ofx Application icon image on the Xcode Project.



So you’ve already made your .icns file with icon composer right?
I have sometimes this problem too. I think there’s some bug where you need to change targets and rebuild. Maybe you have to clean too.

I don’t know if it is the correct way, but this is how I usually do it.

Open the Info-inspector of both files - your .app and your icon file - (shortcut CMD+I).
Then in the Info-inspector of your icon file, click on the icon on the top left of the dialog and hit CMD+C.

Then go to the Info-inspector of your app, click on the icon on the top left of the dialog and hit CMD+V.

This should copy all available icon-versions to your app.
Let me know if this helps or if this is just nonsense :wink:

Hi, here are the steps to add an icon file to you project in xcode. Presuming the icon file is called ‘icon.icns’:

  1. In the ‘Groups & Files’ panel of Xcode, right click (cmd+click), and select ‘Add’ -> ‘New Group’.

  2. Call the new group ‘Resources’.

3.* Right click the folder and select get info. Choose the ‘Targets’ tab. Select the tick box new to the target if it’s not already selected.

  1. Drop your icon.icns file into the ‘Resources’ group you have created.

  2. In the Groups & Files’ panel, open the ‘Targets’ and right click the target (usally the same as the projects name). Select ‘Add’ -> ‘New Build Phase’ -> ‘New Copy Bundle Resources’.

  3. A grey folder called ‘Copy Bundle Resources’ should appear within the target. Drag and drop you icon.icns file from ‘Resources’ to ‘Copy Bundle Resources’.

  4. Edit ‘openFrameworks-Info.plist’.

  5. Add a new entry (by clicking on one field the clicking the ‘+’ on the right hand side). Call the file ‘Icon file’ and give it the value ‘icon.icns’.

That should be it. If it doesn’t should select ‘Clean All Targets’ from the build menu then ‘build and run’

* This step is possible not necessarily needed.

rc1’s approach works for me using Xcode 3. You do need to clean your target for changes to take effect. There’s a walkthrough from roxlu on custom icons in Xcode 4 here: